Friday, April 17, 2009

First Duggar Grandchild Announcement!

Here's a link to A Wise Woman Builds Her Home that announces the Duggar family's first grandchild!

Duggar Granchild Announcement

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Story of Lincoln's Sons

I've been reading a book about Abraham Lincoln. He lived a very interesting life. The book I'm reading is called, Abraham Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage. It focuses on his faith, without which he could not have endured the trials of the Civil War.

Here's a cute little story about Lincoln's sons.

On one occasion, the Sanitary Commission in New York sent Tad[Lincoln's son] a soldier doll, which he named 'Jack'. The doll was dressed in Zouave uniform. Sadly, Jack had unfortunate character traits, causing the boys to have to frequently court-marshal him--for sleeping at his post, or desertion, or some other crime--always sentencing him to be shot at sunrise. Tad, with his toy cannon, would act as firing squad. Afterward the dishonored Jack would be buried, undeservedly with full military honors, in the White House rose garden.

One day, Julia[Taft, a friend of the Lincoln boys] was in Mrs. Lincoln's room when 'a strange and dreadful sound came through the window.'

"What is that noise, Julia?" Mrs. Lincoln asked her.

"It's probably the 'dead march,'" Julia answered. "I suppose the boys are burying Jack again."

Mrs. Lincoln told Julia to hurry out and tell the boys to cease, as it would kill the roses. She obeyed, even though she knew that previous warnings hadn't worked. Outside, Julia found a band of 'a broken down fiddle, a dented horn, a paper over a comb, and Tad's drum.' The irate gardener, Major Watt, arrived on the scene. Desperate for the survival of his precious roses, inspiration came to him: "Why don't you get Jack pardoned?"

The boys felt this was a capital idea, and ran upstairs, Julia vainly trying to keep them from interrupting the president. John Hay had no better luck stopping them. Hearing all the commotion outside his office, Lincoln came out to see what the trouble was. After hearing Tad's request, the president told Tad that pardons weren't granted without a hearing, and it was up to them to tell him why Jack deserved a pardon.

Tad characteristically delivered his argument in a rush of words. Almost every day, he said, they tried Jack for being a spy or a deserter or something and then they shot him and buried him and Julia said it spoiled his clothes and Major Watt said it dug up his roses so they thought they should get Pa to fix up a pardon.

The president considered these facts with due gravity and then told Tad he thought he'd made a case. It was a good law, he said, that no man shall twice be put in jeopardy of his life for the same offense. Since Jack had been shot and buried a dozen times, he was entitled to a pardon. He turned to his desk, on which so many pardons were to be signed, and wrote on his official paper: "The Doll Jack is pardoned by order of the President. A. Lincoln."

And so poor Jack was saved from execution. However, it is sad to relate that even the presidential pardon failed to reform the incorrigible Jack. In less than a week, he was again convicted of being a spy. This time, however, they decided he should be hanged from a tree in the Taft garden.

---From Abraham Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage, by Joe Wheeler

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Y'all Come Right in and Make Yourself at Home!"

"Y'all Come Right in and Make Yourself at Home!"

Here's a link to a post on Merely Miriam about our home, sweet, home, the South. :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Sinner's Song

I am as filthy
As He is righteous,
I am as weak
As He is strong,
I am as blind
As He is all-knowing.
I am as finite as He is infinite.
And I am proud
As He was humble.
He humbled Himself,
And died a criminal's death.
He took my sins upon Himself!
I am filthy,
He makes me righteous.
I am weak,
He makes me strong.
I am blind,
He opens my eyes.
And He teaches me His humility.
He became death
that I might have Life.
How great is his Love!
--A Lady

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Here are some pictures.




Lucy--and her dog Oscar

Natalie; I couldn't find another picture that didn't have her making a silly face.



That's all seven of us! Farewell for now!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Welcome to Petticoat Avenue!

Hello! My name is Emily Anne, I am 15 years old, and I am homeschooled with my four sisters(no brothers). Before I begin to tell you about the events that are currently happening in our lives, allow me to give you a word of introduction.

History is the Lords great novel. I always like to read Charles Dickens. He expertly intertwines several different plots to eventually tie together in the end. But history has many more plots, and it is written by Someone far, far more skillful than Charles Dickens, or any author who has ever lived, or ever will live. It is fascinating to read this great novel and see the many different plots affect one another and come together to create the history we study today. It is not limited only to countries, but there are also millions and billions of separate plots for every person that also affect one another, and what's more, people affect the course of history. The Reformation did not begin by itself; and it greatly affected history. Further, there is a history of literature, science, mathematics, and every subject you can think of. Everything began somewhere.
Literature, science, and mathematics have an effect on history, and have affected history, and it people who have studied them improved them. Oh, what a complex story history is! One day the Lord will tie it all together, when He creates the new heaven and new earth.

So, the story of my family and I, living in what I call 'Petticoat Avenue', is a small, small part of this great novel. I used to think that my life was boring, that no one would ever want to read about it, if I could even think of anything to write! But, I began to look and see the unique and interesting things in my life. Now there is no end to ideas for stories about my life, and my family's life. As you read, you may think I have an interesting life, that I just happened to be born into into one. But I encourage you to see the unique and interesting things in your own life, and you may realize, that it was not your life that was not interesting, but it was you that was not interested. I try to find the best words and style I can to write down this tiny part of the Lord's great novel.

Now that you understand where I am coming from as I write my stories, let me introduce to the cast! I don't have any pictures yet, but I will soon(hopefully!).

George Edward(Eddie) is my father. He is native to Georgia, and has love for the Scriptures and studies them deeply. He has always been a great teacher for me. There is a link to his website, Exchanged Life, on the sidebar. He has given me, as old heirlooms, dyslexia, and a sense of humor.
Jennie Anne is my mother. She and her family came down from New York, and in Georgia her brother Matt went to high school with Daddy before she met him. She stays at home and homeschools us, and also teaches us how to be homemakers, when the time comes for us to have our own home.
Lucy Catherine is my oldest younger sister. She has always been my closest companion, from the time when we played together as little girls. She will be 14 in April, and she loves dogs! She has two Boston terriers, Nanny and Oscar, and she hopes to breed dogs one day.
Natalie Olivia is 8 years old and smack in the middle of all the sisters, with two older and two younger. She always says what she thinks, and has a sense of humor. She's a sweet girl, too, and we all love her.
Sophia Rose the second youngest at 4 years old. She either talks constantly(and insists that we listen and answer her), or refuses to talk at all, usually when we want her to tell us something. She likes pretending, and she looks just like a miniature Natalie.
Abigail Grace is the youngest of all. She is 1 year old until March. Her four sisters smother her with kisses, and she's a cute little baby.
I'll have pictures soon. Goodbye, for now. I hope you enjoy reading my blog!